MoiraMoira Collins was born Sagittarian in Washington and raised in Chicago. Her undergraduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in English and Shakespeare is her second language.Won She earned two masters degrees in education. Her first, an M.A.T. in English from Northwestern University. Her second, an a M.Ed in Urban Studies, as an H.E.W. fellow at Northeastern in Chicago. In 1987 she had an additional year of gestalt training with the Gestalt Institute of Toronto (in conjunction with the Oasis Center of Chicago). During her studies and work in the Chicago schools as a teacher, she became interested in the concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy. As a former educator and fascinated mother, eager to share the insights gleaned from the life experience of raising two sons, she created Kiddygram in 1988 to encourage the development of children's potential by considering the basic energies and gifts indicated in their natal charts.

She trained as a calligrapher with many teachers including Donald Jackson, Scribe to the Queen of England. At a summer course taught by Jackson at the University of Santa Cruz in the summer of 1974, she met calligraphers from around the world, and because of these meetings, co-founded the Chicago Calligraphy Collective with a friend in 1976. As a calligrapher she has served clients including Burston Marstellar, the Illinois Department of Conservation, the Office of Economic Opportunity, the University of Chicago, Loyola University, the Chicago Review, Swallow Press and Magic Circle Press.

Sun & MoonAs a writer and calligrapher, she has kept diaries and journals from the early 1970's, when she began her study of astrology. She has been affiliated with a magic circle of artists and writers associated with the writer and diarist, Anais Nin. She appears in the last diary of Anais Nin (Volume 7) under her married name, as well as in Celebration, an account of an artists weekend spent with Nin in April of 1971 at Wainright House in Rye, New York. One of her most treasured collections of letters are those from Anais Nin.

Although she has always been able to support her love of cappucinos through her boutique businesses ( Astrogram, the Rubber Stamp Queen), Collins considers herself a letter-writer. (

Married to a physician, Moira is the mother of two sons, an Aquarian and a Scorpio. She is the delighted mother in love for two beautiful daughter in laws. She is the proud MoMo of four grandchildren, Aidan and India and Lulu and Meg. Her interest in the work of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, led to her initial studies of astrology. Currently, her business, social and family commitments allow her time to study only the charts of friends and family. Once dubbed the patron saint of cappuccino drinkers by a Coffeecartoonist friend, Nicole Hollander, she conducts most negotiations over cappuccino at cafes around the world. As one of her sons once said to her as they were driving along, "There's no problem that you can't solve." Speechless, she echoed, "There's no problem that I can't solve?" "Yes," he said firmly. "And you always solve it in the same way..." Curious, she asked, "and what way is that?" He smiled, serene in the knowledge that only an observant eight year old can glean from watching the mysterious interactions of the adults in his family: "Now that calls for another cup of coffee." Yes, she owns Starbucks (SBUX).

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