Moira's symbolic hut at 55 rue de Chomolhari
Moira's symbolic hut at 55 rue de Chomolhari

In a remote village in China a long drought had parched the fields, the harvest was in danger of being lost and the people were facing starvation in the months to come. The villagers did everything they could. They prayed to their ancestors; their priest took the images from the temples and marched them round the stricken fields but no ritual and no tears brought rain.

In despair they sent far afield for a "Rainmaker". When the little old man arrived they asked him what he needed to effect his magic and he replied, "Nothing, only a quiet place where I can be alone". They gave him a little house and there he lived quietly doing the things one has to do in life and on the third day the rain came.

Moira Collins is on a life long sabbatical.

She has lived many lives in her present incarnation as an apprentice rainmaker.

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